Console commands for administrators and remote administrators, v1.60

set srvctf respawn_time_seconds
sets the respawn time limit for the CTF mode

set srvtt mission_time_minutes respawn_time_seconds
sets the mission and respawn times for the TT mode

set srvvoicechat [status]
switches the voice chat support off/on on the server
status can be set as 0 (off), 1 (low quality), 2 (high quality)
we suggest you to use the low quality on good internet servers and high quality for LAN games only

set srvjoinmsg "Message from the server"
Enables the administrator to set a message that is sent to all players who join the server

Console commands, v1.27

set srvteamlock lock
lock setting:

0 - no lock
1 - US team locked
2 - VC team locked

when the team is locked, no one can join it

set srvvmchat 0/1
default 0, 1 disables messages about killing somebody and commands texts, only chat and system messages are displayed

set srvbluebt 0/1
default 1, 0 disables the blue highlight of all booby-traps

Console commands, v1.20

For everybody:

kick player_name
kick player_id
player_name - Name of the player to be kicked.
player_id - Outputs the ID number of the player. This can be found by using the "list" command.
administrators kick the player immediately, clients will start voting

startadmin password
password = password for remote administration
send password on server to enable remote administration for the client

the list of all players is printed to the console

list of all administrators is printed to the console

outputs the current game results into a text file

outputs the current "missions list" to the console

mlchangecurmap mission endrule endruleval
example: mlchangecurmap StreamCTF time 20 changes the current mission in the mission list when no administrator uses it, a voting is started

restarts the current mission
when no administrator uses it, a voting is started

chattoconsole 0/1/2
default is 0 for server and 1 for client

0 nothing is written to the console 1 The players' chat is written to the console 2 The players' chat and information about killing is written to the console

consoletime 0/1
when on (1) adds system time as a prefix to important messages written to the console

For the spectator:

rpstart filename
starts saving a game replay, the result is saved as a "replayfilename.rep" file

ends the saving of the game replay

rpload filename
loads a saved relay, the game disconnects from the current game and goes to the "replay mode"

In replay mode:

rpsetbmp fps filename
example: rpsetbmp 25 StreamBattle
sets the FPS for BMP saving and the name of the files

For administrators and remote administrators:

ban player_name hours
ban player_id hours
example: ban CheatingPlayer 10
example: ban 268 0
player_name - Name of the player to be banned
player_id - Outputs the ID number of the player, this can be found by using the "list" command
hours - Number of hours, 0 means for ever
player is kick out from the game and cannot join the server for selected number of hours

banip player_name time
banip player_id time
bans a player from the game as standard "ban" command, but remembers the player's IP address and disables anybody to connect from this IP

outputs a list of all banned players to the console

banremove index
removes the banned player from the list

clears the list of banned players

set srvvm status
status - 0 or 1.

sets Vietnam mode on/off
set srvab status

status - 0 or 1.
sets "autobalance" on/off

set srvff status
status - 0 or 1.
sets Friendly fire on/off

set srvec status
status - 0 or 1.
sets Enemy camera on/off

set srvcleng limit
limit - Maximum number of player of this class.
sets limit for the engineer class

set srvclmed limit
limit - Maximum number of player of this class
sets limit for the medic class

set srvclsni limit
limit - Maximum number of player of this class
sets limit for the sniper class

set srvclrad limit
limit - Maximum number of player of this class
sets limit for the radioman class

set srvclmac limit
limit - Maximum number of player of this class
sets limit for the machinegunner class

set srvakidle minutes
minutes - Number of minutes or 0 to disable
sets time for "auto kick idle player"

set srvakping ms
ms - Number of milliseconds or 0 to disable
sets ping for "auto kick high ping"

set srvaktk tk_value ban_hours
tk_value - Number of all kills, 0 to disable
ban_hours - Number of hours to be banned when kicked by the auto kick
sets "auto kick team kill"

set srvpassword new_password
changes the current server password

clears all missions in the mission list except the actual one

mlchangemap index mission endrule endruleval
example: mlchangemap 0 StreamATG points 4
changes the missions in mission list (can be used for the actual mission too - mission is reloaded immediately)

mlchangeendrule index endrule endruleval
example: mlchangeendrule 0 frags 20
mlchangeendrule 0 time 40.
mlchangeendrule 0 points 5.
changes the end rule (can be used for the actual mission too)

mlremovemap index
removes mission from the list (cannot be used on actual mission)

mladdmap mission endrule endruleval
example: mladdmap NvaCoop time 60
adds a mission to the list

switches to the next mission in the list

nextmap map_index
switches to a specified map in the mission list

adminsay "something to say"
example: adminsay " Hello, I am your ruler! "
special chat for the administrator - so everybody can see that it is an administrator (the message has a different colour and stays for a longer amount of time)

set srvdb 0/1
sets the "BlackDeath" option on or off after the player is killed his screen fades to black (required for clan wars)

swapplayer name/id
swaps a player to the other team (valid for team based games)

set srvspectators limit delay
set the spectators properties
limit - Maximum number of spectators
delay - Delay in seconds

set votechangemap 0/1 (default value is 1)
enables or disables the voting about the current map/mode change

set voterestart 0/1 (default value is 1)
enables or disables the voting about the current map restart

For administrators only:

set srvadmin password
password = new password
sets password for the remote administration

set srvadmin
clears password for the remote administration, no remote administration is allowed

Console commands, v1.01

For all players:

Kick (player-name)
to kick vote

shows server map list

votemap X
starts a map vote

showfps 1
shows FPS + co-ordinates

name "your nick"
to changes your nick

to kill your self

to reconnect to the server

to quit the game

For administrators only:

startadmin "password"
start remote administration

listadmins (shows a list of all administrators)

list (shows a list of players and ID)

set SRVAKPING "auto kick" "high ping" (set to 0 to disable)

set SRVTKAK "auto kick" "team kill" (Set SRVTKAK 5 1) (5 team kills, ban for 1 hour)

kick "player name" (kicks a player)

ban "player name" "X" (bans for X specified number of hours)

ban CheatingPlayer "99" (bans CheatingPlayer for 99 hours)

set SRVADMIN (sets admin password)

set SRVVM (turns "Vietnam mode" on/off) (0/1)

set SRVAB (turns "autobalance" on/off) (0/1)

set SRFF (turns "Friendly Fire" on/off) (0/1)

set SRVEC (turns "Enemy Camera" on/off) (0/1)

set SRVCLENG (limit the number of Engineers)

set SRVCLMED (limit the number of Medics)

set SRVCLSNI (limit the number of Snipers)

set SRVCLRAD (limit the number of Radiomen)

set SRVCLMAC (limit the number of Machingunners)

set SRVAKIDLE (number of minutes before an idle player is auto kicked ) (0 to disable)

Single Player console commands:

GIFTFROMPTERODON enables access to the following cheat codes:

restores health

restores health for the team

get a weapon, X is a value between 0-30 *

refills ammunition.

get grenades

access quick fights

play in 3rd person view

show frame rate information

show some statistics

Viet Cong's wear masks

the Viet Cong cannot kill you

* weapons from the list:
1 M16
2 AK-47
4 M1 Garand
6 PPS-41
7 Colt M1911
8 Tokarev
9 Makarov
10 Revolver 38
11 Remington 870
12 Winchester 70
14 SVD Dragunov
15 SKS Simonov
17 M60
18 Dagtarev
19 US-M3
21 Thompson
22 SW Modell 39
23 PPS-43
25 M1
26 Mosin Nagant
27 M79
28 Baikal IZH-43
29 Battle knife
30 Knife